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CLAD -CTEL Certificate Application and Registration

The Alliant International University CTEL program consists of 12 semester units (4 courses) of graduate study:

  • CTE 7410 – Theory and Method of Second Language Teaching and Learning
  • CTE 7415 – The Assessment and Instruction of English Learners (English Language/Literacy Development and SDAIE)
  • CTE 7420 – Principles of Linguistics (Language Structure and Use)
  • CTE 7040 – Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies (Culture and Culture Diversity and Culturally Inclusive Instruction)

Candidates complete the program in two 10-week terms. The courses are taken online with face-to-face meetings at the beginning and end of each term.

Tuition is $190 per unit, for a total tuition cost of $2,280 for the complete program.

Students completing this CCTC-approved program will receive their CLAD Certificate and are not required to take the CTEL test. 

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