Customer Service Questionnaire

1. I would like to comment on my experience with the CDPHE lab on:
2. I requested the following testing or information:
3. The testing information I was seeking was:
4. My initial contact with the CDPHE lab was: (Check all that apply)
5. The primary contact (personal interaction) was:
6. My experience with the CDPHE Lab Internet site was:
7. My experience with the CDPHE Lab Order Line (303) 692-3074 was:
9. The time it took for me to receive the help I needed was:
10. After I submitted a sample for testing, I received the report:
(Working days = Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
11. Laboratory Services Division's fees-for-services are:
12. Rate our services:
How would you rate the service provided by the state laboratory
If you requested help or information on specimen collection, how would you rate our response?
Was the printed report complete and easy to understand?
How would you rate our test ordering for ease of use?
If you needed help completing the ordering form, how would you rate our response?
14. As a Laboratory Services Division customer, I would describe myself, or my employer, as the following:
15. I use the lab services:

Contact Information

Contact information is optional - however, if you would like a reply to your concerns - contact information is necessary.