Stakeholder feedback for the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations Revised Total Coliform Rule and Colorado Initiatives Rulemaking

This web form gives our stakeholders an opportunity to comment on the draft language of the revised total coliform rule and other revisions to the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations.  

Background Information

The Colorado Safe Drinking Water Program (Program) is conducting a rulemaking beginning January 2014 and ending in January 2015 following the Water Quality Control Commission hearing. For more information about the RTCR and Colorado Initiatives Rulemaking please click here.
The Program encourages stakeholders to participate in this comment process. The comment period for each topic will be open as follows:
Revised Total Coliform Rule: April 3 - April 24
Water Haulers: April 9 - April 23
Storage Tanks: April 15 - April 29
Minimum Chlorine Residual: April 16 - April 30
Cross-connection Control Rule: April 17 - May 1

After the comment period following the last stakeholder meeting, the Program will compile all stakeholder comments and write a response to each one. A comment resolution table will be posted on the webpage for review.

Comment Instructions

Please comment on the topics presented at the language review meetings.

Material Covered:

DRAFT - Revised Total Coliform Rule
Please fill out the fields below when submitting comments. 

Be sure to specify which topic you are commenting on and include a specific citation when possible. Please make sure your comments are as clear and detailed as possible. If you have more than 4 comments, you may submit multiple forms.

Remember to press the "submit" button to send your comment(s) when you have finished.  Your completed comments will be received by the Program via email for consideration. 

To view comments provided by other stakeholders, visit this link.  Results will be displayed in a new window. Close or minimize the new window to return to this page to provide your comments. Publicly viewed comments do not specifically identify the individual providing comments.

Comment Form


The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division thanks you for your active participation in reshaping the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. Your comments are helping achieve a higher level of excellence in providing safe drinking water to the people of Colorado. 

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