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Water Providers or Wastewater Companies

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The Laboratory Services Division provides bottles at no cost to customers, for the collection of water samples for testing.

These specially prepared bottles are guaranteed to be free from contaminants, so that your water sample can be tested properly.

If you need additional information about water testing:

      Visit our website for testing explanations, pricing and result turnaround times.
      Customers sending samples to the lab for water testing can designate "rush"
        testing on their test request form.
        Rush testing prices are double the price of the test.
      E-mail the laboratory at:
      Contact the water-testing laboratory at: (303) 692-3048
      Click on the links provided for some lab tests on the order form.
      Click on the question marks
on this order form for more information.

Sampling bottles are free, but lab tests have prices.
Rush testing available upon request
(except for some bacterial tests).
Rush testing prices are double the amount
shown on the price test list link above.

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