State Convention Survey


Please share your opinions on the effectiveness of the 85th Louisiana State FFA Convention.  Your responses will be used to improve future conventions.

Please answer the following questions according to the following:
N/A - Not Applicable
1- Strongly Disagree
2- Disagree
3- Agree
4- Strongly Agree
Pre-registration was simple and effective.
On-site registration was simple and effective.
I was given adequate information before and upon arriving at convention to make my week a success.
Registration costs are reasonable.
Pre-session was entertaining and exciting.
Sessions were organized.
Sessions were entertaining.
Sessions were effective.
Sessions were an appropriate length.
State officers were professional and effective.

Brandon Lee White
Steven Brockshus (National Officer)

I enjoyed the activities at the Kickoff event.
The kickoff event is an effective activity.
* Indicates Response Required