Warranty Claim Entry 


Requirements: Vehicle license plate, in and out mileage , customer sign and date, Repair Order Open and Close date, actual customer address, correct phone number and install the last parts revision (super sections). Additionally all the related codes should be inputted. All this information should be observed and the documents should be kept in your site for the next audit cycle (every six moth).

The date formats are year/month/day. The Claim entry date is set by the system, you will not see it, but it will be calculated at the end of this form entry.

Precaution: If this screen does not have any activity for more than 15 the enter information and claim number will lost, system need the "Submit" action to record the data. Then it will require opening a new claim with a different number.

Please fill all spaces in CAPS / Por favor escriba en mayusculas.

If the Repair End Date and Claim Entry Date
are greater than (8) days, the claim will not be accepted.