APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate
Official Nomination Form

This award is presented annually to one graduating student at every school and college of pharmacy who has made the greatest contribution to his or her APhA-ASP chapter, with a Senior Recognition Certificate.  In addition, APhA will nationally recognize all of the honored seniors through its publications.  The recipient for each of the APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate should be an individual who:

  • Is a current member of the American Pharmacists Association.
  • Contributed greatly to his or her APhA-ASP chapter.
  • Has demonstrated exceptional service and commitment to the APhA-ASP chapter at their school.  
  • Is a graduating student in an entry level degree program.
  • Is in good academic standing at an accredited school or college of pharmacy. 

The chapter advisor with the advice and approval of the non-graduating officers and members of your chapter should choose ONE student to be honored for his or her sustained and outstanding work.   A call for nominations for the APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate will be made through the APhA-ASP Chapter Advisor.  This award consists of a Senior Recognition Certificate. 

All nominations must be received by June 1, 2019.

Please note, do not click 'Back' or 'Refresh' while using this online form.  These action may cause an inaccurate submission.  If multiple options are selected because of this action, APhA will select your first submission by default.  If you have any questions or concerns about the APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate, please contact Lynette Plowden via email at LPlowden@aphanet.org.

Award Recipient Information

Please provide the information below pertaining to your school/college of pharmacy winner of the Senior Recognition Certificate.

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Award Contact at School or College of Pharmacy

APhA recognizes that often an awards committee comprised of faculty members and student pharmacists is appointed to select a winner.  Please provide the information below pertaining to the person who is responsible for this award at the school or college of pharmacy.

Senior Recognition Certificate Mailing Information

Please provide the information below pertaining to where and when you would like your Senior Recognition Certificate mailed.