APhA-ASP Chapter Advisor
Contact Information Form

If you need to update your work address, phone or email you will need to log into your profile on pharmacist.com and make the necessary changes.
If an advisor is not a member of APhA they must visit pharmacist.com and set up a profile prior to filling out this form. APhA Staff cannot process advisor changes unless the new advisor (primary or co) has an established profile on pharmacist.com. 
Note:  You will have to click "Back" on your Internet
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Primary Chapter Advisor Contact Information

Please note that the Primary Chapter Advisor will be the primary contact for Membership, NPCC and Patient Care Project bulk mailings.  If you are a Chapter Advisor at a Satellite or Multi-Campus, please complete the Primary Advisor Section, not the Co-Advisor Section.

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APhA-ASP Co-Advisor (1)

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APhA-ASP Co-Advisor (2)

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Thank you for updating your contact information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a member of the APhA Student Development Staff via email at APhA-ASP@APhAnet.org or via phone at 1-800-237-2742, ext. 7514.