APhA New Practitioner Network Community Health Ambassador
Generation Rx Event Summary

Thank you very much for participating in the APhA New Practitioner Network Community Health Ambassador: Generation Rx. Please take a moment to complete the event summary based upon your presentation.

Please contact APhA New Practitioner Development Staff at 1-800-237-2742, Ext. 7586, or via email at NPN@APhAnet.org, if you have any questions or concerns.


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Please note the APhA NPN Community Health Ambassador opporutnity is intend to be a member-only benefit. Questions about APhA, Membership or Your Account? Contact APhA at infocenter@aphanet.org or call 1.800.237.2742 ext. 2 for assistance.

Generation Rx Presentation Information

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APhA New Practitioner Network and APhA Foundation sincerely appreciates the support of the Cardinal Health Foundation.