APhA-ASP Student Outreach Program
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The APhA-ASP National Executive Committee and APhA staff, want to connect with your APhA-ASP chapter leaders and student pharmacists throughout the fall.

The goals of the APhA-ASP Student Outreach Program are:
     • Promote APhA-ASP membership and member benefits
     • Highlight APhA and APhA opportunities
     • Provide feedback on APhA-ASP chapter plans and activities
     • Address APhA-ASP chapter concerns and assist leaders with having a successful year!

We are offering three different options (in person or virtual) for your APhA-ASP Chapter to connect with leaders and staff for the fall of 2021:
1) Chapter Meeting Presentation (virtual) – During a chapter meeting, a national APhA-ASP leader, regional APhA-ASP leader, or APhA staff can serve as a speaker and meet with your chapter to share the importance of membership and engagement.
2) Chapter Officer Meeting (virtual) – APhA staff and APhA national leaders will meet with your advisors and chapter leaders to give feedback, address questions, and discuss chapter activities.
3) Campus Visit & Chapter Meetings (in person) – An in person visit with APhA-ASP National Executive Committee member or APhA Staff. The APhA representative will meet with the chapter advisors, chapter officers, speak during the APhA-ASP chapter meeting, and meet with other individuals / groups as requested.
Visits will be scheduled through Friday, October 15. For questions, please email APhA-ASP@aphanet.org.

Contact Information

Please provide the name of the individual who will serve as the primary contact for coordinating and scheduling the APhA-ASP Student Outreach activities. 

APhA Student Outreach Program Planning

1) Which type of meeting would you like to schedule (please select all those you are interested in hosting).
Please indicate your first three choices for your "Chapter Meeting Presentation (virtual)" date:

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Please indicate your first three choices for your "campus visit & chapter meeting (in person)" date:
2. Our chapter has a satellite or multiple campuses and we will make provisions to have a representative from each campus participate in the student outreach activities.
3. Does your chapter have a Zoom or another virtual meeting platform that we can utilize to set-up this meeting?
4. Please select any areas of concern that you would like for the APhA representative to address during your Check-In (check all that apply):

Thank you for requesting an APhA-ASP Chapter Check-In.
You will be contacted by APhA Student Development staff to finalize the details of your visit.