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Submission Deadline: Friday, September 29, 2023

Again for 2024, the SSAT will be participating in the Shark Tank session at DDW. The DDW Shark Tank session will be a fun, high energy and entertaining, interactive session focused around scientific innovation. It will feature "innovators" from each society who will pitch their best scientific innovations/research. Innovators will use a "pure pitch" style to present the value of their work and vision. Innovators will have an opportunity to receive important feedback and be asked questions about their work from the sharks. Each innovator will have eight minutes total to present and seven minutes to answer questions. The sharks and audience then vote on the best innovation. To submit a proposal for consideration, please complete the form below.

Each society will select one innovator who will be given eight minutes to present their innovation/research to the panel of four sharks during the 90-minute session. Innovators must be prepared to answer questions from the sharks and the audience after their pitch. Sharks will judge each presenter based on their research, presentation/demonstration and responses to the shark’s questions. The idea voted as the most innovative with the highest score will be deemed the winner. The winner will receive complimentary registration to the next year's DDW and a trophy.

Innovators have a maximum of eight minutes to present their pitch and are expected to deliver eight full minutes of content. No extra time. Moderators will cut the innovator off if they go over their allotted time.

  • Following each pitch, innovators should expect to answer questions from sharks and members of the audience (seven minutes).
  • NO PowerPoint presentations are allowed. Innovators may submit a title slide with the name of the innovation/research, a photo, the innovators name and organization/institution.
  • Innovators will be judged based on their vision, research, presentation/demonstration and responses to questions.
  • Innovators must submit the title of their submission to DDW-A four weeks before the meeting.

Example of Innovation/Research
ANY concept or research that could improve the field of gastroenterology/ hepatology and/or potentially the lives of people with GI related diseases in the future. Props of the innovation/research are welcome.

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