Welcome to my official payment center where you'll be entering information to complete a transaction with me. Ill be able to see your email address, the amount you paid, and what it was for. That's it! The bank uses the other information to verify authenticity of your transaction by comparing the details of your card (name, address, zip code, etc.) with what your bank has on file. While not all banks use these methods to verify you are using your card for a legitimate purpose... most do! (Entering incorrect information could result in a declined charge.) If you do not live in the USA, feel free to use a FAKE U.S. address as international cards do not need to be identified. 

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If your custom video or skype show requires "special items" such as props or wardrobe, please send me a link to be added to my amazon wishlist so you can purchase the items and have them sent to me. If I have not received information from you on the matter, I reserve the right to substitute your special requests with items similar that I already have. A kill fee of 50% applies to any cancelled order.
International merchandise orders will be charged an additional amount of $30 per item manually upon shipment. 
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