Global response to COVID-19

Association for Promotion of Political Economy and Law, Institute for New Economic Thinking  Young Scholar Initiative and International University College of Turin, invite you to participate in a comparative study of legal-economic responses to COVID-19 across jurisdictions.

The study will focus on six apects of the COVID19 policy response: (1) the degree of participation in policy making, (2) exceptionality (3) use of surveillance techniques, (4-5) distributional dimension of relief measures across different social groups and (6) the degree of pluralism among policy proposals.

The goal of the study is twofold. We aim to (1) create detailed accessible information to the public and (2) analyze the lasting impact of the policy efforts responding to the pandemic on the institutions across jurisdictions.

 Once accepted, rapporteurs will be providing detailed, a peer-reviewed, answers to on one or more of the 6 questions of the survey (by June 30). After that, there will be the possibility to contribute to the realization of a country based policy report analysing all the 6 aspects. This document is expected by August 2020.

With the help of partner organisations, activists on the ground and senior scholars we will aim to publish the reports in a manner that will make them relevant for professional advancement. 

In order to apply for participation please fill in the form on the next page by providing 300 word description of policy response to the virus in a specific jurisdiction with regards to one (or more) of questions mentioned above and 150 words on yourself.

The applications will be accepted on the rolling basis. The deadline for application is 14th of May 4PM EST (10PM CET) time.

The information provided in the application form will be used solely for purpouses of choosing suitable rapporteurs for the study.

For any aditional questions please write to: 

UPDATE: on the basis of current submissions our team has reached over a 100 rapporteurs. Thank you! We look forward to expanding our team further.