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Are you looking to adopt a dog in the next 6 months? If so, please complete an ADOPTION application instead. Please note that we allow potential adopters to have a trial period of several weeks with their potential match to make sure the dog is the right fit. This form is not for pet parents looking to foster to adopt. Thank you! 

Members of Your Household (please list everyone that lives in your home, including yourself).
 NameAgeRelation to Applicant
When CHR takes in a new dog from a shelter or owner surrender, we often do not know the rescue dog's personality yet. If for some reason you do not feel it's working out once you have the dog in your home, are you willing to hold onto the dog for up to 3 weeks while CHR looks another foster?
NOTE: Some of our dogs need time to heal from surgeries and require emotional support due
to past
neglect. Often, the foster term can run 3 to 6 months depending on the age and
of the dog. Emergency foster terms will run several weeks to a month. A longer term foster is 3+
months. If the foster parent decides to adopt the dog, they are required to go through the adoption process
and pay the full adoption fee.
Thank you for your time!
Veterinarian Reference-

Please understand that Virginia State Law requires that all dog owners have proof of a current rabies vaccine for their dogs. In addition, heartworm disease is a significant problem in Virginia so we require an annual heart worm exam. CHR checks current and past pets' vaccination histories to ensure potential new adopters have no problem with taking a dog in for yearly health screenings, which include a heartworm test.   


We know people are super busy these days so we really try to match you with the best foster fit for your schedule and lifestyle. Please answer the following questions on the behavioral issues you are willing to deal with in a foster dog. Please be as honest as possible so that we can match you with the right dog.
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