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HOPE is looking for grooming equipment. Many owners cannot afford the equipment needed to groom their dogs. Clippers, shears, shampoo, nail clippers, etc., are critical pieces of equipment needed to groom a dog. HOPE is located in Fairfax, Virginia. While local volunteers can pickup your supplies, please consider mailing donated grooming equipment if you live in another state or you are simply to far away for pickup.

HOPE is looking for experienced dog groomers to highlight their grooming expertise in a 1-hour specialty grooming class presented through ZOOM. It may be a supplemental class on how to use specific grooming equipment or a class on washing your pet; we are open to the subjects your groomers are interested in presenting. In return, HOPE will highlight your grooming salon and grooming instructor. Donating your time and expertise will not only show your business’s charitable side, but it’s also a way to give back to the many pet parents out there struggling to afford their pet’s care.

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