Deadline for grades 1-12: March 1, 2020                   Deadline for Kindergarten: September 1, 2020
*** All information must be completed for the application to be considered***
Gender *
Is the student under credited? *
Does the student have an IEP? *
An IEP meeting will be required if accepted into Virtual Campus.
Is the student currently attending school on a regular basis? *
Do you have internet at home? *
Would the student like to dual enroll? (A few classes would be taken at the student's home high school) *
Would the student have transportation to meet Virtual Teachers? *
How would you consider the student's computer skills? *

DMPS employee? *

Is this a request to continue in your current school? *
Is this child currently enrolled in Special Education? *
If the student is in a special education program, approval is contingent upon available space in the receiving special education program as well as other within district transfer criteria.
Is there a sibling who will be concurrently enrolled at the requested school? *

*If Income information is not provided, your student will be classified as a non-minority in accordance to the district’s diversity plan*

My signature below indicates that all information is accurate and that I have read and understand the following:

  • Approval is for this student only and does not guarantee approval of future siblings.
  • Future requests for other siblings will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Transportation for students approved for transfer is the sole responsibility of the parent. The student and parent are responsible for the cost of any transportation services provided by the District.
  • Approval is for this school’s feeder pattern. Students moving from elementary to middle school or middle to high school need NOT reapply for A TRANSFER to follow the ORIGINAL approved school’s feeder pattern. If the feeder school and/or home attendance school is not the desired school, a within district transfer application will need to be submitted by March 1st of the preceding school year. Approvals will be based on space availability in the order in which the applications are received as long as it does not adversely affect the diversity plan.
  • Any changes to the original application must be submitted in writing and could impact the received date of the application.
  • If you are requesting transfer for a kindergarten student please be advised that a decision will not be made until after the final fall registration.  You will be notified of the decision during the second week of August.
  • Participation in the within district transfer program is contingent on the student being and remaining in good standing. (Good standing may include factors such as attendance, behavior, academic progress, etc.) Students exhibiting chronic problems in these areas may be denied or terminated from the program if deemed appropriate by the Administration.
  • Within District Transfer may be terminated if it is determined that the approval was granted based on misleading information provided at the time of the application.

If your transfer is terminated for any reason, the student will be ineligible for transfer for one full academic year.

Signature of Parent/Guardian: *

All LATE applications must complete page two of the form or they will NOT be considered.