Call for abstracts

Deadline is July 1, 2017
  1. All Florida Geriatrics Society members are eligible to compete for the David T. Lowenthal Founders Award for excellence in geriatric research.
  2. Posters will be displayed during the Annual Meeting, and may present: original research, case studies from clinical practice, models of geriatric care, and education, clinical/therapeutic pearls, ethics, or any other topics pertinent to geriatric care.
  3. The poster will be judged on the basis of scientific merit; relevance and contribution to the field of Geriatrics; and presentation and format.
  4. You must attend the Annual Meeting and must be an FGS member to be considered for the Lowenthal Award.

You will be notified if your abstract has been selected by July 10.

Any questions about submissions may be emailed to or

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By submitting this abstract, I certify that I have the approval of all authors to submit this work for presentation at the Florida Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting. If, in the conduct of this study, human subjects were exposed to risks not required by their medical needs, I affirm that the study was approved by an appropriate committee, or, if no such committee was available and an informed consent was needed, it was obtained in accordance with the principles set forth in “DHHS Code of Federal Regulations #45 CFR 46 on Protection of Human Subjects.” All authors and I hereby give the Florida Geriatrics Society permission to publish this abstract in printed form and online.

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