Application to adopt a dog

Drivers License Number and Issuing State *
Have you previously volunteered, fostered, or adopted from this organization? *
Do you currently have children in the home? If so, ages *
Are you currently employed? If so, who is your current employer? *
What are your regular work hours? Where will the dog stay while you are working? *
Do you Rent or Own your home? *
Landlord information: Name & Phone Number
Are you allowed pets in your home? If so, what restrictions do you have? Size, Age, Breed? How many pets can you have in total? Is there an additional pet deposit you will need to pay? Is there additional monthly rent you will have to pay per pet? *
What type of dwelling do you reside in? *
Do you currently have a fenced in backyard? A fence is not required for all dog adoptions, but some dogs must go to a home with a fenced in back yard. *
What is the condition of your fence? *
What is your family lifestyle? *
Are you planning to have children in the next 10 years? (Some dogs available for adoption are not recommended with small children) *
Please list all adults living in the home. *
Are all your pets spayed or neutered? If not, please explain who and why.
Are all of your pets up to date on the Rabies Vaccination?
Are all of your dogs up to date on the distemper/parvo combination vaccine? *
Who is your current veterinarian? Name and Phone Number *
What made you decide to add a dog to your family? What are you looking for in a dog? *
How many hours a day will the dog be alone in your home? Where will the dog sleep at night? How will you ensure the dog is getting adequate exercise? *
Who will care for your dog when you need to go out of town? *
Have you ever had to rehome a pet in the past? What was the reasoning you felt you could no longer care for that pet? What has changed since then to make you believe you are ready for a pet now? *
Under what conditions would you think about rehoming your new family member? *
Would you like to receive emails from Adoption First Animal Rescue with volunteer opportunities and other marketing materials. *
Would you like to be added to our automated texting system to be informed of upcoming events? *
I certify that all information provided on this form is true. I give permission to rescuer to verify information as needed. I understand that a home check may be mandatory prior to adopting a pet, also. Any false statement will terminate potential adoption and shall be cause to allow Adoption First Animal Rescue to reclaim possession and ownership of the pet. *
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