ESPO Dissertation Writing Group and Pre-Proposal Writing Group Application/Interest Form

Summer Session 2023

Join an exclusive GSA ESPO members-only peer-led pre-poposal or dissertation writing group (DWG/PPWG) for a supportive environment in which to exchange critical feedback, push past procrastination, and stay accountable to your goals. 

Each small group (3 to 6 members) will meet virtually every other week for 1 to 1.5 hours (based on the number of participants in the group). Semester-long commitment requested. 

Here are some things you will do as part of the group:

  • Create a writing schedule with measurable goals.
  • Report on goals each session to stay accountable.
  • Provide your writing for review and contribute feedback on group members’ writing.
  • Support each other through the sharing of resources and ideas.
  • Troubleshoot challenges.


  • You must maintain valid ESPO membership throughout the semester-long writing group.
  • You can be anywhere in your dissertation process through your (pre-) proposal or defense, but you must at least be at the writing stage.
  • Meetings and writing samples must be in English.
  • You must commit to participate in the group for the full semester term.
  • You must agree to and sign a statement to ensure confidentiality of other group members’ work/ideas.

12-week Summer Session runs from 5/23/23 - 8/20/23

Application Deadline
May 1, 2023 at midnight ET for the Summer Session


Section 1: Your Information


Section 2: Your Thesis

Please select your reasons for wanting to participate in the DWG/PPWG (check all that apply): *
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Would you like to join the Pre-Proposal Writing Group or the Dissertation Writing Group? (select only one) *
Are you a returning DWG/PPWG participant? *
You may sign up for an ongoing group to continue the work from the previous semester. Indicate your preference. *
Select which group you would like to join for virtual meetings approximately 1-1.5 hours every two weeks.
Groups will have a maximum of eight partipcants. You can select up to 3 options.
Please respond according to Eastern Time zone.
A successful DWG/PPWG experience will depend upon the willingness of participants to uphold deadlines and share writing samples as scheduled.
Are you willing to commit to meeting deadlines as determined with your group members and remain in the group for the full term? *

Step 3: Non-disclosure Agreement

For your protection, all participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that intellectual property and scientific ideas are not shared outside the DWG. 
All applicants must downlaod and sign the non-disclosure form HERE.

Step 4: ESPO DWG Participant Agreement

Your success, the success of other DWG members and of the program relies upon the commitment of each member to meet the weekly weekly objectives and participate for the full semester. This participation agreement lays out what is expected of you through this process. 
All applicants must review, sign, and return the ESPO DWG Participant Agreement form found HERE. 

Be sure to click Submit in order to receive a confirmation that your information has been submitted.