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RE: Stop Holding ObamaCare Repeal Hostage!

What part of the phrase, the American people want ObamaCare repealed, do some of you in the United States Senate not understand? It has come to my attention that there are members of the United States Senate who are under the insane impression that the people who voted you into office, and can vote you out of office, want you to hold the repeal of ObamaCare hostage to so-called replacement legislation.

ObamaCare is a disaster. It can not be fixed because it is a shell game and a fraud. The slate must be wiped clean.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. The American people want ObamaCare repealed. You've promised to repeal ObamaCare for six years and now that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is gone, the time to make repeal happen is NOW. You have run out of excuses, REPEAL IT!


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