2017-2018 Mississippi Tax Collector Education & Certification Program Collector of Revenue Trainings

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Location Attending *
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Would you like to purchase a book? If so, the cost is ($55). Please include this amount with payment. (Per Instructor, book is recommended by IAAO, but not a requirement) *

Registration Fees:

CR1 or CR2 $250.00-Includes All Course Materials

IAAO Course 400 $550 (Optional Textbook $55)

MCR Comprehensive Exam $50


Registration Due 2 Weeks prior to Training Date.  Also, remember an individual can only obtain one level of certification in an Education Year.  The Education year runs for October 1 until September 30.

 Make checks payable and mail to: 

Extension Center for Government & Community Development

Attn: Tax Collector Program

Box 9643

Mississippi State, MS 39762