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How to Pay
 Please pay all of the room charges in cash when you check-in.
Notification of Cancellation
 Cancellation fee will be charged in the following way:
  ・7 - 2 days before your scheduled arrival: 50% of room rate
   (Whole House Rental - 14 - 2 days before your scheduled arrival: 50 % of room rate)
  ・1 day before your scheduled arrival: 100% of room rate
  ・The day: 100% of room rate
  ・Non-arrival / No-show: 100% of room rate
   To secure your reservation, we would like to keep your credit card details.
   We will not use your credit card details unless cancellation fee is charged.
   If we can't confirm the credit card details you submit to us, your reservation might be cancelled.
   We appreciate your consideration for these arrangements.
   Best Regards,
   OKI's Inn
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