ABPdN Student Bylaws




The American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology Student Organization is a group within ABPdN. Our main goals are to represent the initiatives of ABPdN to student members, to advance the science of pediatric neuropsychology, and advance awareness of and participation in ABPdN.


Article I – Name


  1. The name of this organization shall be the ABPdN Student Members Group.


Article II - Membership


  1. All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate student members of ABPdN.


  1. All members who are not currently enrolled ABPdN students would be non-voting


  1. All members are required to demonstrate support for the purpose of this


  1. Membership decisions will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, or political affiliation/status.


  1. All members are required to pay annual dues for membership prior to seeking a defined office.


  1. Voting members, in addition to Sections 1-6, shall be designated as those persons who have assigned positions and have actively participated in the activities of the ABPdN Student Members Group.




Section 1.        Members may have their membership withdrawn for failure to adhere to the requirements for membership as stated by ABPdN.


Article III - Officers






Section 1.        The officers of the organization shall be:

  1. President
  2. President-Elect
  3. Vice President
  4. Advocacy Coordinator
  5. Technology Coordinator
  6. Other positions may also be added to ABPdN Student Members Group as appropriate as officer positions as


  1. All student voting members of the organization in good standing with ABPdN shall be eligible to hold a


  1. All officers must be currently enrolled ABPdN student members.


  1. The term of the officers shall run from fall semester of the regular academic year to fall semester of the following


  1. The officers shall be elected by the majority of the voting members of the organization at the annual


  1. The President shall be appointed or elected by the



  1. The President will chair all meetings of ABPdN and will call special meetings as


  1. The President will vote on ABPdN Student Group matters only in case of matter where other officers’ votes are split.


  1. The President-elect will take over as President after one year of familiarization and coordination with the sitting president to ensure a smooth transition.


  1. The Vice President shall chair any committees or task forces of the organization, act as the President if the President for any reason is unable to carry out the Presidential duties, and assist the President in administering the ABPdN Student Group.


  1. The Advocacy Coordinator will assist with recruitment of student members, send out state information to ABPdN Student Members, promote first-hand awareness of issues, and promote networking with peers, professionals, and advocates of the organization.


  1. The Technology Coordinator will assist with recruitment of student members, post and monitor the organization’s Facebook page or other social media, coordinate website resources, and share knowledge of scholarly material in pediatric neuropsychology through various technology means.



  1. Nominations for all offices will be taken in the last regular meeting of the spring semester each academic Nominations may also be made during the election meeting itself, prior to taking the votes.


  1. Any member may nominate any other member, including himself or


  1. Elections will be held online by querying the student members of ABPdN for seats. Information will be generated by candidates for each position and shared with student voting members. A ballot will then be distributed for positions and announcements made online.


  1. A simple majority vote of the quorum present at that meeting will be sufficient to elect an If there are more than two candidates and no candidate receives a majority, there will be a run-off vote between the top two vote recipients in the same elections meeting.


  1. Officers may be removed for failure to perform duties or for violation of membership


  1. Officers to be voted upon in this regard (removal) will be notified of the intention to do so in writing at least one week prior to the meeting at which the vote will be


  1. A two-thirds majority of quorum present at a regularly scheduled meeting shall be sufficient for


  1. Any officer may resign by submitting a letter to the The President may resign by submitting a letter to the Vice President. In the meantime, the Vice President will assume the duties of the President, the Secretary/Treasurer will assume the duties of the Vice President, and the Event Coordinator will assume the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer.


  1. Should a vacancy in officers occur, there will be another nomination procedure and election for the vacant


Article IV – Executive Board


  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Advocacy Coordinator, Technology Coordinator and


  1. All executive and legislative power granted herein shall be vested in the ABPdN Executive Board Initiatives as a primary collaborative effort with the ABPdN Student Members Group.


  1. The Executive Board shall be empowered to recommend priorities for various projects and to plan


Article V – Meetings


  1. Meetings will be held at least once monthly


  1. Special meetings of the organization may be called by the President, or by the Executive Board, or by any combination of three of the officers, or upon a written request of ten percent of the voting Notice of special meetings must be communicated to all members at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


  1. A quorum shall be a simple majority of the voting members; one half of the entire voting membership must be present to form quorum.


Article VI – Accusation and Removal


  1. Officers, if convicted, may be removed from officer position by a two-thirds majority of the voting members on the basis of not fulfilling their


  1. Members, if convicted, may be expelled from membership by a two-thirds majority of the voting members on the basis of not fulfilling the purpose of the


  1. Advisors may be removed from their position by a two-thirds majority of the voting members on the basis of not fulfilling their duties as described in the ABPDN Governance Rules.


  1. Any individual who is accused shall be given full notice of the charges against him/her and shall have an opportunity to respond to


  1. Any member of the organization may initiate accusation All decisions of the organization will require the approval of the majority of those members present at the regular or special meeting.


Article VII – Amendments


  1. Modifications to ABPdN Bylaws shall be proposed either by two-thirds of the Executive Board or by two-thirds vote of the entire Notification of such a motion must be made to members at least one meeting in advance of the one in which the actual vote is taken.


  1. A simple majority of the voting members shall be necessary to approve modifications to ABPdN bylaws. By-laws can be added to this constitution by a simple majority vote of the entire membership at a regular meeting.


  1. ABPdN governance takes superiority over any and all ABPdN Student Members bylaws or governance.


Article VIII – Advisor


  1. A Faculty Advisor shall be appointed by a majority of the voting


  1. The Advisor shall be a member of the Executive


  1. The duties of the Advisor shall be to:


  1. Counter-sign all administrative financial forms (optional).
  2. Act as consultant for projects and special committees of ABPdN Student Members Group.
  3. Attend social activities sponsored by the ABPdN Student Members Group (optional).
  4. Officer(s) shall consult with the Advisor at least once per


  1. The Advisor shall not have voting privileges in the Student Membership matters.