Latinos In Transit Agency of the Year Award


Latinos In Transit (LIT)

Transit Agency of the Year Award 

The Transit Agency of the Year award recognizes a public agency that shows exemplary performance in efficiency, effectiveness, and growth, particularly in efforts to foster diversity within the transit agency. The agency actively supports and contributes to LIT’s mission of advocating for equity, diversity and inclusion by enabling the development and advancement of Latinos and other minorities into positions of influence in the industry.

Applicant information

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominee must be a LIT member in good standing. 
  • Submissions must be completed by the deadline of August 2, 2024.
  • Nomination covers achievements during the one-year period of 2023.

Why Should the System be Considered?

Evaluation Criteria

  • Access: Demonstrated outreach efforts beyond ADA prescribed areas, including partnerships with municipalities and community organizations targeting Latino and minority populations. Demonstrated efforts to implement solutions to bolster accessibility of hearing, visual, intellectual or other disabilities. (10 points) 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Showcase of mission, strategies, policies, or practices fostering a diverse workforce, promoting an inclusive and equity-focused culture internally and in engagements with vendors, customers, and communities. Emphases should also focus on supporting small business vendors that are minority-owned. (20 points)
  • Customer Service: Methods employed to enhance value and service to non-English speaking riders, including handling and resolution of customer complaints. (10 Points)
  • Sustainability/Environmental Impact: Initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability within the organization and the Latino and minority communities it serves. (10 Points)
  • Workforce: Efforts in recruiting Latino and minority workforces, as well as ensuring a well-trained workforce is capable of meeting future needs. Employing and supporting a diverse leadership team. (20 Points)
  • Marketing: Development of effective marketing tools targeting Latino and minority communities to retain and attract riders that demonstrate the value and benefits of transit. (10 points)
  • Community Relations: Promotion of positive community relations and contributions to creating a more livable community for Latino and minority populations. (10 Points)

Supporting Documentation

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