River's Edge School of Music Registration- Rolling Admissions

New Students (not enrolled in Fall Term 2017) must submit registration with non-refundable $25 registration fee by January 5th.
Returning Students (enrolled in Fall Term 2017) do not need to re-register. 
If you are registering more than one child please fill out a form for each student.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@upwitharts.org.  Thank you!

Student Information

Instrument Information

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Please choose your availability - We will do our best to schedule your child's lesson within your availability. Please choose as many options as you can to help us plan accordingly. Lesson Choice - Although we will do our best to place your student in the preferred option we cannot guarantee you will receive your first choice due to numerous factors (day and time of preferred lesson, instrument, teacher availability, etc). *

Registration Information

Authorization for Emergency Medical Care
I hereby authorize emergency medical care for this student during attendance at the River's Edge School of Music lessons. I understand that in a perceived emergency, the instructor will call 911. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me in the event of an emergency requiring medical attention to my child. I understand that I am financially responsible for any medical expenses for medical care or transportation incurred on my child's behalf. I release River's Edge Arts Alliance, the staff of the School of Music program and Hudson Public Schools from any and all liabilities from any illness or injury that may occur. *
Acknowledgement of Supervision
I realize that I am responsible for escorting my child to and from the lesson room, or making arrangements for another adult to do so. I know that no student may be left unattended and that the Hudson Public Schools faculty are not responsible for attending to my child before or after the lesson. *
River's Edge School of Music Term of Agreement between River's Edge Arts Alliance, Parents and Students
The River's Edge Arts Alliance and the Lesson Coordinators agree to: Provide musical instruction in a supportive learning environment with qualified instructors. Offer consistent, progressive lessons tailored for each individual student. Facilitate choice of lesson time and location to our best ability. Reserve consistent teaching areas and facilities for the lessons September - June. Organize and present a student recital for all lesson students in April or May 2018. Issue a lesson calendar with periodic updates throughout the year. Provide a report twice a year showing the student's progress. Contact a parent/guardian in the event that any lesson is cancelled due to a teacher's absence or snow cancellation. Make up any lesson caused by a teachers absence or school cancellation so that the full semester of 14 lessons are fulfilled. Please note that teachers are not required to make up lessons due to student absence. Offer financial aid for qualified students based on available funds. The parent/guardian in conjunction with the student agrees to: Pay the lesson fee in advance for the semester (14 lessons). Pay a $25 registration fee - Lessons will be scheduled upon receipt of $25 registration fee. Attend lessons for the entire duration of the teaching term (semester) to maintain the student's rate of musical progress. Have the student prepared for lessons and encourage the student to come with a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Contact the teacher directly if the student cannot attend his/her scheduled lesson. Promptly have the student delivered to and picked up from lessons. As teachers are often on a tight schedule, it is important to keep lesson times on track. Keep in contact with the teacher at reasonably regular intervals regarding student progress. Parents may make arrangements with lesson teacher to sit in on lessons if desired. Arrange a home playing schedule sufficient to attain satisfying results, as directed by the lesson teacher. *
Lesson cost does not cover costs of lesson materials or instrument costs and repairs. Teachers may ask you to purchase additional materials depending on the level of proficiency attained by the student. This may include lesson books, instrument components (reeds, mouthpieces, etc) or even instruments. This is more typical of students who have studied for several years. By completing this registration, you are agreeing to pay the lesson fee for the type of lesson you are assigned. Payment for lessons is not due until you approve a lesson time. Lessons will begin:  Fall Term- the last week of September, Spring Term- the first week of February. The River's Edge Arts Alliance and the lesson coordinators retain the right to cancel the registration of a student should tuition not be received prior to the start of lessons. We may also contact a parent/guardian should a student disregard the standards and policies of his/her lesson teacher (practice, attendance, behavior, etc). No refunds are issued for lessons. As we contract with lesson teachers, these teachers depend on a guaranteed lesson income over the course of the entire school year. Your child's lesson day and time is guaranteed for the entire year as long as payments have been made. This agreement is valid from September 2017 - June 2018. *
School of Music Non-Refundable Registration Fee *
Spring Term Tuition: $385 (includes 14 private lessons and 1 recital)- Invoice will be sent after lesson schedule has been confirmed.
River's Edge Arts Alliance Members will receive a 10% discount on lesson fees. I would like to join or renew my River's Edge Arts Alliance Membership at the following level:
Financial Aid is available. Visit www.upwitharts.org to print the financial aid form. You must submit the form and your most recent tax return to be considered for aid. 

Payment Information

Please calculate your total by click on the button below.  You may choose to pay via credit card or PayPal.  If you have questions about this registration process or payment, please contact us at: info@upwitharts.org
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