Please submit a request for any event(s) in the Robsham Theater Arts Center (RTAC) venues here.  RTAC venues include: The Robsham Main Stage, The Bonn Studio Theater, Brighton Dance Studios, 117 Vanderslice and 300 Hammond Pond Parkway venues.
RTAC Management will collect and review all requests.  Requests for the space require a little lead time; we ask for at least 4 weeks.  Therefore, reservations can be made for any time between 4 weeks from today's date through the end of the next academic semester. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 
For any questions or assistance regarding scheduling the RTAC venues or assistance with the RTAC Scheduling Request Form, please email
The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) is the go-to place for student groups looking to book space for student organization events. Please follow the below link and complete OSI's Space Request Form online. 
BC's OSI Space Request Form

Proposed Event Details:

Event Venue: I am requesting the following location(s) to be used as part of my event: *
This venue is to be used for rehearsals only. No events/perfomances are authorized for this space.
The Hexagon Room is only reservable through this form from 4pm-11pm Mondays-Fridays and 8am - 11pm Saturdays and Sundays, as that is when RTAC controls the space. 
If you would like to book the space on weekday mornings/afternoons (specifically anything Monday-Friday 7am-4pm), it must be booked through BC/Google Calendars, as facilities controls the space during these times. 
To do this, go to Google Calendars with your BC account.
Select the "Create" a meeting button and click "more options".
Then on the right hand side, select "Rooms" and type in "300HPP-100-Hexagon" to see if its available for the time you are looking for and to book it.
Please describe the activities planned to occur during your reservation (please check all that apply): *

RTAC Cancellation Policy

The RTAC venues are in high demand, so we ask that if a cancellation is to be made, please let us know as soon as possible, so that another group could potentially use the space.  
To cancel a reservation for this event venue, a group must email Please provide at least two weeks’ notice for such cancellations. Failure to do so may result in sanctions against your group.
If an event in the Robsham Main Stage, the Bonn Studio Theater, 300 Hammond Pond Parkway Auditorium or the 300 Hammond Pond Parkway Multi-Purpose Room is cancelled within two weeks of its event date, the group will be charged staffing fees ($500-$1000). All cancellations must be in writing and submitted before 2 weeks from the event to not incur charges.
A “No Show” is considered a “day of” cancellation and will incur a full cancellation charge.