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Department Visa Sponsorship Intake Form
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(To be completed by the sponsoring Dartmouth department representative, NOT the international employee / visitor)
This form will be sent to OVIS to start the visa sponsorship request for your J-1 Exchange Visitor.

Form Login Creation (OPTIONAL)

Form Login Account (optional)
If you would like to be able to save a partially completed form and return to the form at a later time to complete it, you may create an account, with a user name and secure password.  Please use the sponsoring Department name, or your name, as the user name. 

The account you establish is only for this specific form. If you have previously submitted a sponsorship request with a user name and password, you must create a new user ID and password to access a new form for this sponsorship request.

You may choose to continue without creating an account, but if you cannot complete the form, you will not be able to save the incomplete information you have entered.  If you choose not to create an account, and wish to simply complete and submit this form now, please ignore the request to create an account, and click on "Next", below.

1) If you do not create an account now, and decide you need to save your form and return to it later, you will have to return to this page of the form to create an account.  This will result in the loss of all the data you have entered.
2) Please DO NOT have your international employee complete this form.  This form must be submitted only by the sponsoring department representative.  Also, do not give the login user name and password to the international employee to use for their required employee information form.  Once you submit this form, the employee will receive an automatic email with a link to a separate employee form.  The employee must create a separate login to access the required employee information form.

New Users / Returning Users
CLICK HERE to set up or return to your account for this form.  Once you login, you will be returned to this page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Next" to continue to complete the form.

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Dartmouth College Office of Visa & Immigration Services
Department Visa Sponsorship Intake Form