F-1 OPT Information Update form
Dartmouth College F-1 OPT Information Update Form

F-1 OPT Information Update Form: Address and Employer Information

This form is to be used by Dartmouth College-sponsored F-1 international students who are approved  for post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT).  These students are required by U.S. regulations to report certain information to the sponsoring school:

All students approved for F-1 post-completion OPT are required to report to the sponsoring school:
1) Any change of name or address, or
2) Employer information including name and address of employer, dates of employment, and relationship between employment and degree. 

F-1 Students with a STEM OPT extension must also make a validation  report to the sponsoring school
(the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS)) every six months starting from the date the
17 month extension begins and ending when the student's F-1 status ends, the student changes educational
levels at the same school, the student transfers to another school, or the 17-month OPT extension ends,
whichever is first.

The validation is a confirmation that the student's name and address, employer name and address,
and/or loss of employment is current and accurate. The report is due to OVIS within 10 business
days of each reporting date.

In addition, F-1 students with an approved 17-month OPT "STEM" extension must report to the sponsoring school, within 10 days of any change:
1) Legal name
2) Residential or mailing address
3) Employer name
4) Employer address, and/or
5) Loss of ,or change in, employment

At the end of this form, we ask that you upload a scanned copy of your OPT work card.  If you cannot do this, you may also fax a copy of the card, or email it to us.

SECTION 1: Personal and Residential Address Information

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Immigration and Employment Status Information

Please choose the appropriate response below.
I am currently authorized for: *

If you indicated above that you were on a STEM extension of your OPT period, please select the correct box below: 

Please choose the appropriate response below: *

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If you indicated above that you have received an approved change of status from F-1 to another U.S. visa category, please tell us your new visa status:
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SECTION 2: Employer Information Update for Students on F-1 OPT Employment

This information is being required by the Student & Exchange Visitor Program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Please enter your employer information below.  If you are unemployed, enter "None" in the employer name field.  If you have departed the U.S. and ended your F-1 status, enter "Departed" in the employer name field.


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If you are working at two separate employers at the same time, or if you have ended the first employment and are starting another employment period with a new employer, please list your second employer below:


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If you have a third employment period, or additional employers, please email us to let us know.
Click "Submit" below to send your updated information to the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS), Dartmouth College.
F-1 OPT Information Update form