Thank you for your interest in the Cooper Center for Metabolism! We look forward to potentially working together on your health and metabolism goals. Please review some important information before proceeding:

Please note: Starting January 10th 2022, you must be physically present in Washington State at the time of your appointments with providers. All appointments/follow-ups take place via telemedicine. This policy applies to all patients, even those who reside in Washington State and happen to be physically outside WA at the time of their appointment.

We do not bill insurance and require payment at the time of service. We do provide you with superbills to submit to your insurance. The general appointment costs with medical providers range from $380-$490. Appointments are usually spaced 2-4 months apart depending on progress points and level of complexity.


As of 4/3/23, we will no longer require proof of an initial Covid vaccination series We continue to strongly encourage all of our patients to receive regular Covid boosters.

  • Wear an N95 mask while you are in the clinic (we can provide you with one if you do not have one already).
  • Eat your GTT meal in your car to minimize exposure.
  • We will continue our normal prior protocols related to exposures and symptoms as usual (please see our Covid page for more info).
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