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Aspen Go-Live & Configuration

Select your catalog configuration options.
Aspen Cohort *

What would you like to use for fines payment?
If you choose to use your own PayPal account, your library is responsible for setting that up with PayPal and providing connection credentials to SWAN. With your own account, you will be able to provide refunds to patrons and immediately receive funds.

Who should we contact for your library's PayPal connection credentials?

Do you want to include a purchase suggestion form in your Aspen catalog?
Check the additional e-resources you would like to integrate (must already have a subscription). Any e-resources you currently have in Enterprise are included already in your Aspen catalog.
Do you have digital archives to integrate into your catalog? You must have your archives in a digital asset management system, such as CONTENTdm, or in the Illinois Digital Archive.
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