SWAN Expo 2019 Feedback Survey

Thank you to everybody who attended this year's SWAN Expo! We’d like to hear your feedback about the event itself, as well as planning and preparation. Feel free to share your thoughts and honest feedback.

Would you be interested in helping to plan next year's event? Check the box below if so, and please share your name/email above so that we may contact you.
Keynote Speaker
How would you rate the event's keynote speaker, John Chrastka, EveryLibrary, "What They Hear is What They'll Fund"
Did you find the keynote speaker's topic valuable?
Speakers & Session Topics
How would you rate the quality of the session topics available?
Networking, Learning
Did you make a contact with a library colleague that you will reach out to in the future?
How likely are you to encourage colleagues next year?
How likely are you to attend next year?
Vendor Tables
Did you find the vendor tables interesting?
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