SWAN Libraries
Status Update & Services Request Form

As your libraries open to the public and resume service offerings, this form is used to notify SWAN staff of service changes and to request dates that these configurations should be applied to SWAN systems to accommodate. Additionally, if your library removes services or closes entirely, this form can be used to update the current service offerings. Please resubmit this form as your library services change so that SWAN staff can apply updates in a timely manner. 
Our Library Services Status page on the SWAN Support Site represents the status of your library’s services based on this form submission. Please alert us to any changes or corrections through this form. Submissions of this form are reflected on the status page within one business day.

Note: When reporting completion, make sure to report library branches and bookmobiles individually by selecting them from the drop down menu.

I would like to provide a status update on my library's:
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Note: Only complete the questions and information below which reflect changes your library is making.  

1. Reopening/Closing

Note: If submitting this form to notify SWAN of a closure, you'll need to resubmit the form when your library decides to reopen. 
Will your library building be open for public access?

Should due dates be extended for your library's checkouts?

Is your book drop currently open or will it be in the near future?

2. Curbside Offerings

Is your library currently offering curbside services?
Is your building currently open to the public?
**Important Note**:  If your library is moving to curbside ONLY, please also fill out Section 1 to indicate that your building will be closed to the public.
Would you like custom language added to your email checkout receipt to provide curbside instruction?
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Would your library like to opt-in to use the Unique Curbside Communicator to facilitate your patron curbside interactions? SWAN has partnered with Unique to provide this service to our libraries at no additional cost.
If your library is ending curbside services and currently has a Curbside Communicator subscription, would you like us to end this subscription now and remove associated links?

3. Patron Communications & Enterprise

Hold Notices:
Note: Hold notifications are sent daily at 2 PM via email, text, and automated phone. 

Would you like to update and customize the message to your patrons with the Enterprise banner?
Note:  Please keep these banners short and concise. You may include a link to your library website. We encourage libraries to create a COVID-19 landing page for your patrons on your website which maintains updates including services hours, and changing levels of support.
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4. Library Policies and Fine Free Status

Would you like SWAN to implement any Fine Free for Now settings? These will be immediately implemented upon receipt and will impact new checkouts only. Existing checkouts will retain the circulation rule applied when the item was checked out.
Would you like to extend all patron card privileges expiring in 2020?
Note: SWAN recommends changing patron expirations dates to NEVER. Patrons with an expiration date of NEVER are considered for the annual patron record purge based on last activity date. Annual data maintenance through National Change of Address (NCOA) processing will identify patrons no longer in your service area.

Would you like to request a consultation on your current Circulation Map configuration with the option to revert back to pre-COVID circulation rules?
Would you like to request a consultation to review your current Hold Map to restrict or expand ability for non-local patrons to place holds on your items? (e.g. new items)

5. Resource Sharing and RAILS Delivery Status

Have you informed RAILS of your delivery status update via railsdelivery@railslibraries.info?
Is your library resuming resource sharing?
Note: On the date selected, your library's hold map selection will revert back to pre-COVID hold map and resource sharing. If there is no date specified, your library restart date will default to the last date as we modify system configurations (September 9th).

Additional Comments and Feedback