Personal Information (个人情况)

If your registration is completed and you provide us with your email address, we will add you to the group email distribution list. You will receive a welcome email as well as other activities notification emails.
(如果你完成注册,任务并且你提供了电子邮件地址, 我们会把你加入中大美东校友会的电邮名单里. 你就会收到欢迎邮件及其它活动通知.)

Zhong Shan University (SYSU) Related (中山大学相关情况)

References From Current SYSUAA Members (中大美东校友会介绍人)

Please provide references so that we can validate you are a member of Zhongshan University community.
(请提供介绍人, 以便我们确认你是中大成员)
Referemce 1 (介绍人1)

Referemce 2 (介绍人2)

What interest you (你的兴趣)

Activities: (活动)
Information Seminars (信息说明会)

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