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2-Hour Cycling Clinic Designed for USA Cycling Clubs and Event Organizers

The Level Up Your Ride Clinic is USA Cycling’s riding and racing education program designed specifically for clubs and local event organizers.

Free for host organizations that are members of USA Cycling, the turn-key program offers a 2-hour racing fundamentals curriculum, marketing support, and all the materials you need to run a successful clinic. Plus, with a standardized curriculum offered coast-to-coast, participants, clubs, and event organizers have a baseline level of skill progression that can be used to place racers in the appropriate categories in races and group rides.

Permit Information

Will you be attaching this clinic to an existing USA Cycling Permit? *

New Permit Request Form

If not attaching to an existing USA Cycling permit, please proceed filling out all below information.

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Clinic Information

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Hosting Requirements

In order to host a Skills and Drills clinic, the host organization must be a USA Cycling member club or a USA Cycling event organizer in good standing. In addition, the host organization must meet/comply with the following requirements:

  • Have access to a large parking lot or closed loop course that allows for cornering, sprinting, and bike handling drills as well as a short practice race.
  • Have access to 3-4 experienced racers (Cat 3 and above) that are willing to serve as instructors/mentors and complete SafeSport training as specified by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.
  • Agree to follow clinic protocol, pre-clinic checklist, and adhere to curriculum.
  • Agree to collect registrations via BikeReg and charge the $20 clinic participation fee.
  • Agree to permit agreement - linked below.
I acknowledge to all the hosting requirements as listed above: *
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