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Student's Information

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Marital Status *
 Place of Birth
 Passport Information
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 Address in Home Country
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Contact at Home University

Emergency Contact Information

Academic Background

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Academic Period

Course Selection

Please, fill in the grid below with the courses you intend to take.  While some restrictions may apply to some classes, as an international student you can take courses at any of our Schools. Keep in mind that not all courses are available every semester, and that the class schedules are defined short before the start of the semester.  Choosing a few extra courses will help you navigate conflicitng schedules.  The current selection is not binding.  You may do changes until the first week of class.
 Course NameSchool


The students whose native tongue is not Spanish must send proof of their language proficiency to take Spanish-taught courses at any of our Schools.  A B2/C1 level certificate or letter issued by the student's university or official language school must be provided. 
First LanguageSecond LanguageThird Language

Spanish as a Second Language

If you are taking Spanish as a Second Language, please complete these questions to help us confirm your Spanish level and upload it below

Health Insurance

Universidad Austral requires that all exchange students are covered by a local health insurance. 

The insurance must be obtained prior to arrival in Argentina and must be valid from the first to the last day of the semester.

For practical purposes, the University suggests the plan provided by William Hope, because it has a complete coverage and personal assitance 24/7. The monthly cost for 2018 is: U$D 96

For details on the coverage, please download the Plan Description. For questions about the plan, please contact Fernando Ceccardi: obtain the insurance, please complete this form

Exchange students who fail to show proof of an adequate health insurance by the first week of classes will not be allowed to enroll at the University.

With a local health insurance you must read, sign and submit the following forms:

In very special circumstances, you may petition for a waiver and apply with an international health insurance. To petition for a waiver you must send proof that the coverage includes the following:  medical diagnosis and treatment, preventive medicine, hospitalization, surgery and transplants, dental care, first aid and transportation to a hospital or clinic, medical equipment and appliances, treatment of chronic diseases, paramedical services and repatriation of mortal remains.

With an international health insurance, you must read, sign and submit the following forms:

To complete the application process,
1) You may also find the forms here
2) Complete them
3) Upload the signed documents here

 Medical Insurance
Company Name
Policy number or ID
Phone for emergencies

Responsibility Agreement

Please, educate yourself about the policies applicable at your University. Take the time to go through the information in Austral's Website and read the Student Handbook before completing this section.  You will find the Student Handbook in the website, as well. Keep in mind that you will be subjet to the local legislation during your stay in Argentina.  Argentine law may differ from your home country's in different respects.
I am aware of the information in the Student Handbook and Universidad Austral website pertaining academic matters, immigration, health, safety, logistics, etc. *
I acknowledge that I am bound to my home University's and to Austral University's policies and regulations. *
I authorize Universidad Austral to reach the contact person indicated and/or my home University to be better assist me in the event of an emergency. *
I understand this is not a registration form, and that Universidad Austral will send me the corresponding confirmation, namely an acceptance letter, if/when accepted. *
I state that the information in this application is truthful and that the documents attached were issued by the corresponding authorities. *

Mandatory Documents

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