Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Merchandise

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2019 Calendars

Based on prior feedback the 2019 Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Calendar is a 16 month calendar with photos only on the top portion of each month.
Each calendar is $3, shipping is $7 per order of 7 calendars or less if you are only ordering calendars. 
If you have any questions please email us at
Do you wish to order a 2019 BDRA Calendar?

Mugs and Cups

24 Oz Acrylic Cups
$7 each or 2 for $12

Red 24 Oz Acrylic Cups
Blue 24 Oz Acrylic Cups
Orange 24 Oz Acrylic Cups
Pink 24 Oz Acrylic Cups
2 or more cups in different colors
16 Oz Mugs
$7 each or 2 for $12
Stainless Steel 16 oz Mug (Left)
Olive 16 oz Mug (Middle)
Gunmetal 16 oz Mug (Right)
2 or more mugs with different colors

Each Mug & Cup Combo is $12
How many pairs (1 mug & 1 cup) would you like to order?

Car Magnets $5

Ribbon Car Magnet
Heart Car Magnet


Original BDRA Cookbook (left) $7 each
2016 BDRA Cookbook (right) $7 each
1 Copy of Both Cookbooks. $12

Playing Cards

BDRA Playing Cards
$4 each or 2 for $7
Playing Cards


Tasha Bags, $1 each Only Yellow Bags measure 16" x 12"

Air Fresheners

Paw Air Freshener, Clean N'Fresh scent $4 each