College of Health Sciences Exit Survey

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Degree Awarded:
Term Undergraduate degree awarded:
Do you plan to pursue further education in a Health Sciences field?
Do you plan to seek employment upon graduation?
If you plan to pursue further education in health sciences, please indicate the applicable health science program, the name of the institution you plan to attend and if you are currently accepted to the institution.
Currently Accepted to that Institution:

Your Opinions

1. How satisfied are you about your decision to attend Cleveland University-Kansas City for your undergraduate education?
2. Overall, how satisfied are you that you received a solid foundation in the following areas?
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
3. Overall, how satisfied are you that you are prepared to enter an advanced health related program?
4.(c) Please rate the quality of your education in preparing you to take the exam:
 ExcellentVery GoodAverageBelow AveragePoorN/A
5. Please rate the quality of service you saw or received from each of the following areas of the University:
Academic Support and Access Services
Business Office
Financial Aid
Information Technology (IT)
Student Council
Campus and Alumni Relations (formerly Student Services)
Registrar's Office
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