Student Associations Event Request
Student associations must use this form to request a room to host an event or meeting.  Please do not proceed with planning or advertising the event (exception: meetings with Board or general membership) until you have received approval from the Dean of Students office.
Request forms requesting getting on the J School calendar of events, Weekly email or the lobby monitors, must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the event.
Please be aware that you cannot schedule an event at the same time as other scheduled events.
*SPJ students need to use the Columbia SPJ Event Form.

Will an association member be taking photos? *
Is the event co-sponsored by another JSchool student association? *
Is the event co-sponsored by the local chapter of your affiliated association? *
Are you requesting to use a portion of your Sevellon Brown allocation? *
Are you serving food/beverages? Please note that you are responsible for the set up and clean up. There will be a $250 charge if facilities has to clean the room following an event. PLEASE NOTE: No alcohol may be served. *
Do you need AV? *
Will your adviser be attending? Please note that if you have requested use of the World Room or Lecture Hall, the answer must be yes unless you have booked another professor/administrator to attend. *