Newborn Screening Results Request

All CDPHE Newborn Screening results are sent to the
Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO)
and are available to participating providers online!

Visit to find out if your facility is a participating provider or
to learn more about becoming a participating provider.


All results are sent to the submitting facility. Typically this is the birthing hospital.
The submitter facility is required to forward all results on behalf of the infant/patient.

Please check with the birthing hospital for these results first,
before contacting the CDPHE lab.

Complete the following information fields as completely as possible.
The Newborn Screening lab is limited in finding test results
based on the information provided by the submitting facility.
An infant's name in our records may not be the same infant name in your records.
Be certain to include any alias name that the infant may have to assist in locating the missing result.
The Newborn Screen barcode number is the most definitive way to locate a test record.
All submitting facilities should maintain a record of these barcode numbers
for all sample cards sent to the lab.
Barcode numbers are located in the upper left corner of the sample cards
and is a letter followed by 6 numbers. (See images below)

Infant Information

Infant #1 Gender *
Infant #1 Test Result Requested *