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Applicants are required to setup an application account for the Guangdong/Shenzhen-Hong Kong ICT Young Entrepreneur Programme (GD-HK ICT YEP/SZ-HK ICT YEP 2013). Creating an account enables you to return to this form and update your submitted results. An account will also enable you to partially complete this form and return later to finish the form. The account you establish is only for this form.

申請人必須為「粵港ICT青年創業計劃」/「深港ICT青年創業計劃」(GD-HK ICT YEP/SZ-HK ICT YEP 2013) 設置報名帳戶。設置帳戶能讓你回到此報名表並更新你提交的結果。設置帳戶也可讓你填寫部分報名表內容並於稍後時間返回完成報名。你設置的帳戶只適用於此報名表。