Entrepreneurship Centre Subscription Form

Terms and Conditions:


1)     The following categories of start-ups / individual users are eligible to submit this application form to Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (HKCMCL) for subscribing at Entrepreneurship Centre facilities and services free-of-charge:

  1. Cyberport Incubation Programme Incubatees (Off-site and Alumni)
  2. Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Grantees
  3. Cyberport Collaboration Services Subscribers

2)     Successful applicant could have the right of using the facilities of Entrepreneurship Centre (Address: Level 5, Cyberport 3 (Core F), 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong) including Working Area, Meeting Rooms A & B, BizSpark Lab, Brainstorming Dome, Multi-purpose Room and Pantry, together with a mailbox and locker assigned on first-come-first-served from the approval date until the expiration date by the year end, i.e. 31 March 2017.  

3)    Entrepreneurship Centre offers 24-hour access to the facilities.  Users are required to present their registered Octopus Card at the entrance of Entrepreneurship Centre.  

4)     Every time when you arrive at Entrepreneurship Centre for using the facilities, you are required to log-in at Entrepreneurship Centre’s reception area to select and confirm the usage of the facilities.

5)     HKCMCL would assess your usage of the facilities in order to decide the continuity or renewal of your subscription to mailbox and locker. 

6)     HKCMCL would terminate your subscription of Entrepreneurship Centre, mailbox and locker if your usage is less than 10 business days within 3 months.

7)     Please be reminded that NO lock will be provided by HKCMCL, and you are strongly recommended to bring your own pad lock for the security concern.  HKCMCL will NOT keep any key of your lock, therefore please ensure that a spare one is available.

8)     Mailbox and locker are not transferrable.  Should you wish to use the mailbox address at Entrepreneurship Centre to receive mail and other correspondence for your holding company or subsidiary companies, you are required to apply in writing to indicate the company’s relationship with you and the relevancy to the product(s) / service(s) that you will develop.

9)     HKCMCL will NOT accept any responsibility for any form of loss or damage of personal property or items inside or attached to the mailbox and the locker and inside Entrepreneurship Centre. 

10)   HKCMCL reserves the right to inspect the mailbox and the locker or remove any content inside under circumstances including but not limited to, refusing to remove the lock after usage period expired, exuding disturbing smell.

11)   Unauthorised use of either unoccupied or occupied mailbox / locker is strictly forbidden.  HKCMCL reserves the right to vacate any items left in a mailbox / locker by an unauthorised user and the item(s) may be disposed of or donated to a charitable organisation. The unauthorised mailbox / locker user is subject to the penalty of suspension from the use of the mailbox / locker facility.

12)   You would be required to pay for any loss or damage of the facilities and mailbox locker at a cost to be decided by HKCMCL.

13)  Entrepreneurship Centre's Facilities and benefits are subject to change without prior notice.

14)  In case of disputes regarding these terms and conditions, HKCMCL reserves the right of final decision.

15)   Please feel free to contact Cyberport Entrepreneurs team at Level 5, Cyberport 3 (Core F), 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong  by email to ecentre@cyberport.hk or dial +852 3166 3900 if you have any enquiry.