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Dynamite Travel, LLC is a subsidiary agency under Travel Planners International ("TPI"). TPI is an approved travel agency authorized to conduct business with all travel suppliers including, but not limited to airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, wholesalers, consolidators, and travel protection/insurance companies. Your Dynamite Travel, LLC professional travel consultant is contracted with TPI for the purchase of these various travel services, therefore, it is required that you comply with our credit card acceptance policies. You should only complete this form if you are using your credit card to purchase travel services for yourself or other individuals known to you. Please fully complete and return this form to your travel consultant at Dynamite Travel, LLC using the instructions provided below. The purpose of this Credit Card Authorization form is to comply with credit card acceptance rules with travel suppliers and to protect you the cardholder, TPI, and your Dynamite Travel, LLC travel consultant from credit card fraud. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this form, please contact your travel consultant at Dynamite Travel, LLC at 1-800-697-6765 or TPI at 1-800-631-3636.


This form must be completed and signed by the cardholder. Dynamite Travel, LLC and TPI reserve the right to request additional information from the cardholder. If fraud is suspected, Dynamite Travel, LLC and TPI reserve the right to deny this transaction. Please be advised of the following fees:


There will be an initial minimum consultation fee of $75 upfront for all travel inquiries. Multi-destination, extensive, and/or complex vacation requests may be billed a higher consultation fee starting at $150 and higher. Please note that any changes in vacation requests or scope of work may result in additional fees billed after the consult fee is paid. Please note that after 90 days (from receipt of the original consult fee) consult fee payments will no longer be valid and the client will be required to pay a new consult fee to receive further services. The consult fee covers up to 3 iterations/revisions and expires after 90 days. Any further revisions will require an additional fee. Please note that this fee is nonrefundable and applies regardless of if Dynamite Travel books your vacation or if you end up booking the vacation on your own. The Consultation fee does not confirm or guarantee engagement with Dynamite Travel for provision of services and assistance. Clients are not engaged as Dynamite Travel clients until the vacation is confirmed/booked by Dynamite Travel. Repeat customers and Dynamite Travel loyalty customers may receive discounts off of the consultation fee. For flight-only bookings there is a booking fee of $55 for domestic flights and $75 for international flights. 


Please note that if your trip is cancelled you will be charged $75 for hotel, cruise, or standard vacation package cancellations, $150 for complex or multi-destination vacation packages, and 10% of group travel bookings to compensate Dynamite Travel, LLC for the time spent working to plan your vacation. This amount will be processed automatically within 30 days of the cancellation if the invoice is not paid. NOTE: There is a $100 per person fee for any late payments made after final payment deadlines. Please make sure all payment are paid on time to avoid any penalty fees or cancellations.


Upon confirming your vacation reservation Dynamite Travel, LLC will provide you with details including due dates, payments, and penalties with you. It is imperative that you review this information thoroughly as Dynamite Travel, LLC cannot be held responsible for due dates or payments missed as contracted. Penalties may include but are not limited to: complete cancellation and forfeiture of deposits paid.

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