Vineyards Management Group
Animal Policy
Tenant will keep no animals in the Home, overnight or otherwise, except with Landlord’s express written
consent. If Landlord grants consent for Tenant to have an animal in the Home, such consent shall be limited
to two animals maximum, the specific, domesticated animal(s) noted in such consent, and Tenant shall be
responsible to pay a pet deposit of $199.00 plus a monthly animal fee of $25.00 for the first pet and $15.00
for a second pet with the monthly Site Rent as required under the Site Lease. Should Landlord permit
Tenant to keep an animal, such consent, which Landlord may revoke at any time, will be conditioned on all
the following:
1. Certain breeds of dogs, including but not limited to pit bulls, Dobermans, Chows, Siberian Huskies, Shar
Peis, German Shepherds, Akitas, Rottweilers, and other dogs which, in Landlord’s sole opinion are
considered to be vicious or aggressive will not be approved by Landlord and may not be brought into the
2. Dogs must be no taller than seventeen (17) inches measured at the shoulder and must weigh less than
forty (40) pounds.
3. No exotic animals, including not limited to snakes, reptiles, wild animals, or farm classed animals may be
brought into the Community.
4. If an animal is approved under the provisions of this Lease, Tenant agrees to pay an additional security
5. Tenant is liable for all damage caused by their animal.
6. Animals must wear current license tags (such tags must list the owner’s name) and have all required
7. Cats are fully prohibited.
8. Animals must be on a hand-held leash when outside the Home and animal feces are to be properly
disposed of immediately.
9. Animals must behave appropriately and not disturb other residents, must not cause damage to persons
or property of Landlord or Owner or of other residents or guests.
10. No aquariums are permitted at any time.
11. Animals may not be left unattended outside the Home site or in a screened-in porch.
12. A fine of $20.00 will be assessed each time animal feces are not immediately and properly disposed.
13. Tenant’s failure to comply with these terms may result in either the loss of animal privileges or
termination of the tenancy.