Park Improvement Survey - Woodside Park
Park Address: 200 S 8th Street, Easley, S.C. 29640 
Parks provide a safe place for communities to connect, enjoy the outdoors and be active. The City of Easley Parks and Recreation Department is looking into identifying areas for park enhancement. This survey will help us identify community observed challenges and growing interests for Woodside Park.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Easley Parks and Recreation Department at 864-855-7933 or email the Parks and Recreation Director, Christman Short, at
Thank you for sharing your opinion and helping us improve our parks.
Please Complete by Tuesday, March 1st 2022

1. What is your age? 

3. How many of the individuals who live in your household are under the age of 18?
5. How often do you or your family use Woodside Park? (select all that apply)
6. What mode of transportation do you use to get to Woodside Park? (select all that apply)
8. What, if anything, keeps you or your family from utilizing Woodside Park more often? (select all that apply)
9. Choose the TOP 5 features/improvements that you would like most to see at Woodside Park?
Please Complete or Return This Survey by Tuesday, March 1st 2022 

You may return any physical survey to the City of Easley Parks and Recreation Department
111 Walkers Way 
Easley, S.C. 29642
Mail to:
City of Easley
Attn: Parks and Recreation Department
PO Box 466
Easley. S.C. 29641

If you have any further questions please contact the
City of Easley Parks and Recreation Department
Phone Number: 864-855-7933
Director Christman Short:
Thank you for your time and feedback!
Optional: If you would like to stay informed about the status of Woodside Park or any other City of Easley Park, please provide the following information:
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