Ethiopian Online Visa Request Form
ኢትዮጲስ ፈጣን የቪዛ አገልግሎት -በጉዞዎ ቀን እንዳይቸገሩ
e-Visas done within 24 to 72 working hours (average time - NOT GUARANTEED)
E-Visa -Service provided by Ethiopis Travel
AVOID ISSUES AT THE AIRPORT AND DO NOT RISK BEING DENIED BOARDING FOR NOT HAVING A VISA   Let's take care of it for you here before you fly so that you will have one less worry at the airport!  Easy, fast, and cost-effective.

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Phone 972-792-0236.  Fax 214-853-9330.  Email:

Please note:   Ethiopis Travel Agency
is providing the service to get your Ethiopian visa for your for the minimum fee,
that is included in the total visa fee quoted here. 
All your information is submitted to the appropriate authorities via the official
government online portal on your behalf by staff at Ethiopis Travel. 
Ethiopis Travel Agency
Once visa is approved by Ethiopian Immigration, our agency will send your e-visa by email. 
This service does not guarantee that you will get the visa and that decision is made
by the Ethiopian government.