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Apply for the Women in Biodiesel Accelerator 2020

“Empowering woman-owned and managed businesses to participate in the growth of Bioenergy or Biofuels in South Africa”

The opportunity

Be part of an exciting new commercial initiative that aims to strengthen the South African biodiesel supply chain. Used cooking oils (UCO) will be converted into biodiesel and sold into the commercial market.

Are you a woman-owned/managed, small business with the skills and experience to participate in the growth of South Africa’s sustainable biodiesel industry? Would you like to participate in a business scaling programme that includes business acceleration, technical support, and the opportunity to take your business to a new level of commercial viability?

If you have an existing business that already collects UCO (used cooking oil), producing biodiesel, or involved in the vegetable oil supply chain, then we invite you to apply to this new, exciting business acceleration programme.

The Programme

The Women in Biofuel initiative is a partnership between iLive (Technical and market provider) and Fetola (Business acceleration) and is supported by international funders, The Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund (EEP Africa). We also received invaluable help from SAEON (The South African Environmental Observation Network) who are sponsored by the Department of Science and Innovation.

The initiative aims to accelerate the commercial viability of participating businesses in order to strengthen the South African biodiesel supply chain - from the collection of used cooking oils (UCO) to the conversion of the UCO into biodiesel, and the sale of biodiesel into the commercial market.

The initiative will provide business acceleration support, biodiesel technology, and market access. The project supports the growth of 10 viable women-owned businesses already collecting UCO and producing biodiesel (or who wants to expand operations to include collection and biodiesel production) in South Africa and scaling potential for the initiative aims to collectively produce 6 mill litre biodiesel per annum (the equivalent 26 000 MWh/yr of renewable energy thus  mitigating 15,000 ton CO2 per annum).

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are resilient and actively committed to growing their businesses.

Programme Offering

Eligibility Criteria


Please note, no manual applications will be accepted and all applications to be submitted before the 26 June at midday. Successful applicants will be notified by email by no later than mid-July 2020.

For more information please contact Fetola on 079 879 8694 or email womeninbiodiesel@fetola.co.za 


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