The FNB Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab

FNB is looking for South Africa’s leading social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solving one of the country’s pressing

social, environmental, and economic challenges. This carefully crafted 18-month programme offers a personalised

solution that will unlock your business’s full potential and accelerate its growth.


Fetola are partnering with FNB on this programme and will deliver personalised, practical and effective solutions

that will take your social enterprise to the next level. We are looking for exceptional, motivated, and committed social

entrepreneurs who have the potential to solve community-based challenges in areas such as education, food sustainability,

healthcare, safety, and environmental sustainability.


Please note, no manual applications will be accepted and all applications to be submitted before midday on 30 September 2019. 

For more information please view our FAQ here. If you would like to contact us please do so at or call 086 111 1690.

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you are able to save your progress and compleate your application at a later stage. 

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