Welcome to the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards, the leading platform in recognising and celebrating businesses striving for a thriving, inclusive supply chain!

Tell us about your supplier development program so we can celebrate you! Simply fill in the below form before the 25 March 2019 for the opportunity to be recognised, share your knowledge, and help shape the future of South Africa!

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Types of companies
  • EMEs are the smallest entities, with an annual turnover of R10 million or less;
  • QSEs are those with an annual turnover of between R10 million and R50 million; and
  • GENs are the largest entities, with an annual turnover in excess of R50 million.

Please share with us some information on how Supplier Development fits into your company strategy and operations:

Are you implementing the Supplier Development programme as a third party on behalf of an organisation ( ie as an intermediary or service provider) or within your own organisation? *
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Category of Entry

The 2019 Categories are:
  • Newcomer Award- For companies that have recently initiated Supplier Development ( i.e. less than 2 years)
  • Nation-builder Award- For initiatives that display exceptional results in supporting and growing non-traditional suppliers in one or more of the following areas...
    1. Youth
    2. Black women
    3. Rural areas/ areas with few alternative opportunities
    4. Scarce skills not readily available in South Africa
  • Local Manufacturing and Small Supplier Award- For companies who have developed local manufacturing suppliers(LMS), small suppliers or value-add activities from the local industry.
  • Innovation Award- For companies whose innovative approach or ground-breaking methods and concepts are changing the game in Supplier Development and advancing local best practice.
  • Impact Award- For companies whose Supplier Development initiatives have impacted substantially on the value chain and are effective in the return on investment /efficiency of impact and/ or scale of impact.
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Thank you!

We thank you for taking the time to register your interest in the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards! We look forward to reviewing your registration and will be in touch soon.
Please note that the awards are catered towards recognising organisations (including corporates, medium and large businesses) that offer supplier development to SMEs.
If you are seeking a supplier development programme, the following organisations offer programmes that will be able to offer assistance: SAB Foundation and Black Umbrellas.
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