Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards, where we recognise and celebrate leading Corporates and SEOs building a thriving, inclusive supply chain!

If you are a business with an annual turnover above R10 million, and are changing the landscape in supplier development, these awards are for you.

Simply fill in the below form before 29 February 2020 for the opportunity to be recognised, share your knowledge and help shape the future of Supplier Development  in South Africa!

If you are a small entity with an annual turnover of less than R10 million and are in need of support, please contact Fetola at

This is your time, good luck!

Section 1: General Registration Details

Company Information

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Types of companies
  • EMEs are the smallest entities, with an annual turnover of R10 million or less
  • QSEs are those with an annual turnover of between R10 million and R50 million
  • GENs are the largest entities, with an annual turnover in excess of R50 million
  • INTERMEDIARIES are companies implementing a Supplier Development programme(s) or project(s) as a third party, intermediary or service provider on behalf of an organisation

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Section 2: Your Supplier Development Programme/Project

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Section 3: Category of Entry

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Section 4: Category of Entry

2020 Awards Categories

1. Newcomer Award- Companies that have recently initiated a new strategic Supplier Development programme or project and show merit in design thinking, innovation and commitment to growth
2. Youth Nation-builder - initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting youth suppliers
3. Black women Nation-builder initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting Black women suppliers
4. Rural & Township Nation-builder initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting Rural & Township-based suppliers
5. Skills of the future (4IR) initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting suppliers with cutting edge Scarce 4IR skills
6. Local Manufacturing Award: companies who have developed local South African manufacturers or value-add services and products with import-substitution and/or export potential
7. Collaboration Award- companies who have taken strategic action to develop industry relationships and foster cross-sector collaboration for the benefit of the wider ecosystem
8. Small Supplier Award : Small suppliers, nominated by their corporate SD partner that have excelled in accelerating their own, and their client’s success.
9. Intermediary Award (new): Intermediary or ESD implementation partners , nominated by their corporate partner who deliver excellent Supplier Development program(s)/ project(s) outcomes for their corporate client.
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Thank you!

We thank you for taking the time to register your interest in the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards! We look forward to reviewing your registration and will be in touch advising if you are through to the next round within a fortnight.
Please note that the awards are geared towards recognising organisations (including corporates, medium and large businesses) that offer supplier development to SMEs.
Only qualifying applicants will be contacted to submit a full application. Should you qualify ( ie are a GEN or QSE) you can get a headstart by filling in the ling application form here. Please note you will need to create a username and password for this form- please do not forget it!
For more information on the Awards visit

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