Position: Business Mentors, High growth consultants and Trainers

Company: Fetola

Website:  www.fetola.co.za   

Job Type: Part-time 

Location:  All Provinces


Fetola is South Africa’s leading business growth professionals, specialising in the globally critical small business sector, with a focus on the sustainability sector. Our purpose is simple: We help people to grow the economy and create jobs by building businesses that last; working across sectors and country-wide. We are all about people, planet and performance and our ongoing strategy is to recruit and nurture the highest quality staff, whose personal vision is to excel as individuals and to make a difference by actively contribute to building a better future for themselves and others.

We're offering exciting country-wide opportunities to Business Mentors, Consultants and Trainers with 15+ years working experience who want to make a difference!

This role requires an understanding of business, an interest in business development, proven analytical capabilities and a passion for problem solving. You should have excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and in a team.

Experience and training:

  • 15 years’ prior working experience
  • Own business experience - advantage
  • Proven experience in small business development / SME growth
  • Excellent spoken and written communication
  • Innovative, agile thinking and strong leadership capabilities
  • Advanced computer skills including MS Office Suite
  • Excellent industry networks including access to market

Core Competencies:

  • Performance driven with a relentless desire for continual improvement
  • A passion for solving problems, meticulous and detail-orientated
  • Self-motivated, able to prioritise and manage own time
  • Open to learning, enthusiastic, culturally sensitive and personable
  • Willingness to be proactive and self-reliant
  • Inherent in the Fetola culture is continual improvement and innovation and you are encouraged to contribute ideas that could improve our collective performance
  • Sympathetic and people’s person


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Section 3: Position

Current Programmes
SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme:
The SABF Tholoana Programme accelerates exceptional small businesses. We strive to support women, youth, disabled individuals and those living in rural and peri-urban areas, as well as those working in new or growing sectors (e.g: export, manufacturing, food processing, water, energy and waste management). However, businesses from all sectors are suported by this programme.
Groundswell Programme:

Groundswell focus on accelerating the success of businesses in the water, sustainability and resource efficiency sectors. Established enterprises with growth potential and start-ups that have already invested in their initial concept will form part of this programme. 

On which programme you would like to work on? *
High Growth Consultants
Fetola seeks high growth consultants to provide their expertise and skills in any area of business and can deliver on a specific project requirement. We encourage willing, professional individuals to apply.

Business Mentor
Fetola seeks experienced business mentors passionate about small business growth to work alongside thriving entrepreneurs. We encourage passionate, sympathetic and goal-driven individuals who want to make a visible difference to apply.

Fetola seeks facilitators and trainers who will make a significant contribution to our fundamental training workshops in support of small business growth. We encourage engaging, interactive and passionate individuals to apply.
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Mentee References

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